6.1 Support and contact details

Support and clarification requests for both FiMVO and MAHs must include the following unique identifiers associated with the product and / or pack to which the request for clarification applies and other necessary information:

  1. Product Code (PC / GTIN)
  2. Batch number (LOT / Batch)
  3. Serial number (SN)
  4. Expiry date (EXP)
  5. Information regarding what alert is in question (alert description) and what support is required
  6. It is helpful to include a photo of the 2D code and of the human readable data on the pack with the support request N.B. The pack should not be returned to the wholesaler before the cause of the alert is resolved and/or return has been agreed with the marketing authorization holder.

NOTE! The Nordic product number (Vnr) is not maintained in the medicines verification system. The Vnr number does not identify the pack causing the alert. A product code is always a 14-digit GTIN format product code (PC).

Support and clarification requests to FiMVO should be sent to the email address: nmvs@fimvo.fi. Email is the preferred way of communication. Our hotline should only be used if the supply of the medicine to the patient is at risk of being delayed or prevented (hotline: +358 9 6150 4949).