Pharma companies must equip their prescription medicine packs with the safety features required by legislation. The safety features consist of the unique identifier (serial number and product code) and an anti tamper device on the package.

The unique identifier is added to the medicine pack in the form of a 2D matrix. In addition to the unique serial number and product code (GTIN), the 2D matrix must include the batch number and expiry date.

For example:

Uudistuneen lääkepakkauksen tiedot

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Pharmaceutical companies on-board the European repository

Pharmaceutical companies (manufactures or parallel distributors) on-board the European Medicines Verification System (EMVS) via the European Hub. On-boarding the Hub is a prerequisite for the company to be able to upload information about their medicines into the repository and bring serialized packs to the market. Having on-boarded the Hub is also a pre-requisite for using the system in Finland.

The company entity connecting to the Hub is called an OBP (on-boarding partner). A maximum of two connections/per OBP will be granted (on a European level).

Pharmaceutical companies start the on-boarding process by contacting the European Medicines Verification Organisation (EMVO) which is the body governing the Hub EMVO. 
EMVO gives more detailed information about the on-boarding process on its website.

For companies operating on the Finnish market, the on-boarding process will largely take place by the European headquarters. 

If a pharma company wants to upload data to the Finnish verification system (via the Hub), it must have a valid contract with FiMVO and pay the annual fees.