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Suomen Lääkevarmennus toimitusjohtaja

​​​​​​Maija Gohlke, General Manager

maija.gohlke (at)
+358 40 700 1655

Our GM takes care of FiMVO's operations and cooperation with stakeholders. In addition to domestic work, Maija promotes the operation of the system in European working groups and represents NMVOs as an Observer on the Board of EMVO.

Taina Tummavuori, Finance and Administration Manager

taina.tummavuori (at)

Taina crunches the FiMVO numbers into gear. She’s responsible for our budget planning and taking care of our staff’s well being.

Teijo FiMVO kuva
Teijo Yrjönen, QA Manager

teijo.yrjonen (at)

Teijo is our quality manager and ensures that FiMVO operates according to the quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Teijo's watchful eye also extends to Europe. Teijo is an NMVO representative in the European change management process.

Mirka Koski
​ Mirka Koski, Service Manager ​

mirka.koski (at)

Our service manager Mirka is responsible for communicating with system users and is in close contact with the users' system providers. Mirka takes care of the functionality of our system together with our own supplier Arvato.

Henna Rönkkö, Assistant

henna.ronkko (at)

Henna ensures that the contract and invoicing issues of pharmaceutical companies with FiMVO are in order. In addition, Henna organises FiMVO's training events and communication.

Stanley Eklund, alert management
stanley.eklund (at)

Stanley is the most important contact person for pharmacies and wholesalers and he takes care of contractual matters and access request forms. Stanley's superpower is to handle alerts in the system. He collaborates with both system users and pharmaceutical companies. 

You can contact Stanley regarding contracts and regarding alerts

Janika Perttala, Project Coordinator

janika.perttala (at)

Janika coordinates our important project of changing system supplier for the Finnish medicines verification system. She takes care of the project's schedule and communication. In addition Janika makes sure that everyone completes their project work on time.

Contact information

Finnish Medicines Verification Organisation FiMVO
c/o Lääketeollisuus ry
Porkkalankatu 1
00180 Helsinki

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e-invoice address:
Business ID:
e-invoice Operator:
Apix Messaging Oy
Electronic Data Interchange ID (EDI):

Please note that when sending e-invoices to our Apix address from Handelsbanken or Paikallisosuuspankit you must send e-invoices to following address: 
e-invoice address: 003723327487 and operator code: DABAFIHH.

If you are not able to send e-invoices, we ask you to send invoices to the purchase invoice scanning service. 

The address for email scanning:

The actual invoice must be in the email as a PDF attachment. One email must only contain one invoice. If email has other attachments they are included as attachments for the invoice. Maximum file size for email attachments is 2 MB. After the email is processed service will produce an automated acceptance or error reply email within 15 minutes.

The address for paper invoices:
Suomen Lääkevarmennus Oy (Apix scanning service)
P.O. Box 16112

To enable the scanning service to recognise your invoice, the invoice address is to be printed on the actual invoice, not only on the envelope.

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