The aim is that the system operates in the background whenever possible and does not interrupt the normal routines in medicine distribution.

Pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, dispensaries and wholesalers connect to the medicines verification system through their own existing IT systems. If your client needs to connect to the system or is changing their IT system, please check some additional information about the onboarding process.

Register with the software supplier portal

The Finnish NMVS is currently supplied by Arvato Systems. 

Solidsoft Reply (SSR) has been chosen as the new supplier for the Finnish Medicines Verification System. The change will take place during 2023 according to a separately specified schedule. The project schedule is reviewed together with the IT suppliers in workshops.

All necessary representatives of IT supplier companies should register with the IT supplier portal of SSR (Solidsoft Reply ITE Developer Portal). You can register with the portal by filling in the form (Note! Due to data security reasons, we can only accept email addresses that are under a company name):

The Portal gives you access to e.g.: 

  • direct support and advice for creating and maintaining the interface and assistance with technical issues (e.g. SSR's support services to IT providers)
  • reading and downloading technical documentation (technical interface specifications, return codes and explanations, guidance for testing, release updates etc.)

If you have any questions or want to be included in the email list of IT suppliers (regarding e.g. incident notifications, maintenance breaks and invitations to the above-mentioned workshops), we are happy to help you at .