This section provides important information about the role and tasks of the user's IT supplier in implementing and maintaining the medicines verification system interface.

For a pharmacy to dispense medicines or a pharmaceutical wholesaler to distribute prescription medicines in Finland, it must be connected to the Finnish medicines verification system. Pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, dispensaries and wholesalers connect to the medicines verification system through their own existing IT systems. 

If your customer's IT system will be connected to the medicines verification system for the first time or your customer is changing the IT system they are using, you can find more information about the user’s contract and Access Request Form process here (available only in Finnish).

If your customer's system is being connected to the medicines verification system for the first time, the user's IT supplier must sign an NDA ('Non-Disclosure Agreement') with FiMVO and perform qualification testing approved by FiMVO before the interface can be deployed in the production environment (more information can be found further down this page). Please first make sure that your customer has submitted the above-mentioned Access Request Form to FiMVO, and then contact FiMVO ( if necessary.

The supplier of the Finnish medicines verification system is Solidsoft Reply (SSR).

Register with the SSR Developer Portal

You can register with the portal (Solidsoft Reply ITE Developer Portal) by filling in the form (Note. Due to security reasons, we can only accept email addresses that are under a company name): Link to the form. All representatives of the IT supplier companies (that have signed an NDA agreement with FiMVO) who need information from the portal can register with the Developer portal.

The Developer Portal gives you access to e.g.: 

  • Overview of the EMVS (European Medicines Verification System) and Solidsoft Reply's national medicines verification system
  • Information about the ITE (Integrated Test Environment), incl. Baseline Testing Guidelines
  • Instructions on how to implement, qualify and deploy the interface to Solidsoft Reply's national medicines verification system
  • API documentation, including the ability to submit API requests to the ITE environment directly from your browser
  • The system's alert and return codes with descriptions in different language versions and all endpoints also for the different environments of the Finnish national medicines verification system
  • Content and latest changes in version updates of the medicines verification system and API versions
  • Support contact information.

Responsibilities of the user's IT supplier when the system used by your customer will be connected to the medicines verification system for the first time

To deploy the verification system interface in the production environment, the following actions must be taken:

  1. Sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with FiMVO
  2. Register in the SSR Developer Portal to review the technical documents
  3. Perform interface implementation and baseline testing in the Integrated Test Environment (ITE)
  4. Perform interface qualification testing in the FI-NMVS Integrated Quality Environment (IQE) environment. The SSR interface qualification testing process and the prerequisites required can be found in the SSR Developer portal: link to the portal
  5. After qualification testing, FiMVO gives a final approval for connecting the user's IT system to the Finnish medicines verification system in the production environment.

Contact details

For technical questions related to the SSR NMVS interface, you can contact SSR support directly (the service is available from Monday to Saturday and from 8am to 8pm EET):

If you have any general questions about the medicines verification system or want to be added on the email list of the IT suppliers (e.g. to receive incident and maintenance break notifications), we are happy to help you at