The system costs

Legislation states that the pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the cost of setting up the medicines verification system. This includes the costs of the Hub, as well as the national repositories. In addition, pharmaceutical companies have had to make investments to upgrade their production lines and data systems to meet the requirements of the legislation.

Wholesalers and pharmacies bear the costs of updating their own data systems as well as the acquisition of any needed equipment such as scanners.

FiMVO and the Finnish medicines verification system are funded with annual fees from MAH’s 

We apply a flat fee which is based on MAHs, not marketing authorisations. If a company represents more than one MAH, the fee will be charged according to the number of MAHs. If an MAH does not have any data in our system, no fee will be applied. 

The fees are defined annually according to the FiMVO budget. For 2022, the FiMVO annual fee is 5 250 EUR and for 2023 the annual fee will be 5 000 EUR / MAH.

If you need to update your invoicing details, please fill in Appendix I and II template and return it to us in pdf format with a e-signature or pdf signature.


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