FiMVO SGA on 8th June - Our Board continues to work to fight falsifications 

FiMVO held its SGA on 8th June and reviewed the financial year 2020. An extraordinary year in many ways, especially with the pandemic shaping the way we work. With 2020 officially wrapped up, we continue to focus on preventing falsifications and managing alerts. 

The FiMVO Board will continue the work with current members and alternates: 

  • Nina Ekholm-Wenberg (Sanna Lauslahti), Pharma Industry Finland, Chair 

  • Heikki Bothas (Tommie Jern), Finnish Generics Association 

  • Tia Geijer (Sanna Raappana), Finnish Parallel Traders  

  • Juho Hellman (Liisa Hurme), Orion Pharma 

  • Kai Kaasalainen (Tuula Lehto), Wholesalers association 

  • Charlotta Sandler (Kirsi Pietilä), Association of Finnish Pharmacies 

You can find more detailed information about the Board members here.