We have updated our alert handling guideline

The updated guideline describes the different alerts that arise in the verification system and how to handle them from the perspective of different user groups. FiMVO has prepared the document in cooperation with our stakeholders in the pharmaceutical distribution chain. The document will be updated in the future when needed and based on the received feedback.

Summary of the changes:

  • The guideline has been integrated in FiMVO’s Quality Management System and therefore it has been converted to a new template.
  • With this change the guideline also includes a new chapter ‘6. Roles & Responsibilities’. It is important to note that all alerts generated in the verification system must be investigated. If the pack alerts, it must not be distributed by the wholesaler or dispensed to the patient by the pharmacy.
  • Changes introduced by EU Hub release 1.8 have been addressed. (please see section 1)
  • Minor language edits.

Please send any feedback on these guidelines (as well as any alert oriented support queries) to nmvs@fimvo.fi.