Positive feedback on Alert Management in Finland – read more about our survey results


We conducted a survey to improve the alert management process in Finland and to receive general feedback. The survey was performed during March 21st to April 13th, 2022, and altogether 30 answers were received.

The survey was directed at MAHs and OBPs who have been dealing with alerts from the Finnish Medicines Verification System.

The survey included altogether 9 questions: 

  • The Guidelines from FiMVO (questions 1-4)
  • Service provided by FiMVO (questions 5-7)
  • General improvement initiatives (question 8)
  • Other feedback / free text (question 9)  

Summary and conclusions 

Most of the respondents were aware of our Alert Handling Guideline and all of them were satisfied with the content of the guideline.

Half of the respondents have been in contact with the support of FiMVO and all of them have been satisfied with the service provided – this is seen also in the general feedback (e.g.”Your process and the instructions are very clear. You respond to any queries very fast; we appreciate this very much! You do really stand out from all the other NMVOs we have contacted in terms of cooperation in alert management.”).

Other general comments and feedback was also received (e.g.”Working nowadays very smoothly. Pharmacies mainly know their role, but in some cases, pharmacy has returned the pack to wholesaler already for reimbursement even the alert has not been yet investigated. It's a pity that these packs are then destroyed and impacts availability plus not sustainable even from environmental point of view. Maybe it would be good to emphasize that they would wait for investigation before returning anything. In most of the cases the cause is technical matter either at pharmacy or OBP and pack can be verified.”).

The use of a National Alert Management System (AMS) throughout the supply chain in Finland was seen as the most important improvement initiative regarding the alert management process in Finland (16 answers altogether).

We are very thankful of all the answers received! We will process and discuss the results internally and with the different stakeholders and use the feedback in different future improvement projects.

For more information, please contact us at info@fimvo.fi