FiMVO changes system supplier for the Finnish medicines verification system

Together with our new partner Solidsoft Reply, we will protect the supply chain from falsified medicines also in the future. The change will take place during 2023 according to a separately specified schedule.

The number of alerts in the system has remained commendably low. The key to achieve this has been close cooperation between all the stakeholders in the supply chain. Thanks to this the implementation of the medicines verification system in Finland got off to a successful start in February 2019.

Our goal is to ensure a high level of patient safety and smooth use of the system also in the future.

Our new partner Solidsoft Reply's extensive IT expertise and readiness to support FiMVO are the reasons behind the unanimous choice of a new system supplier. All representatives of the supply chain in FiMVO's Board of Directors support the decision.

Together we are building a safe medicines supply.

We are looking forward to the road ahead! 

Please have a look at our official news release:


Any questions? We will be happy to answer: Managing Director Maija Gohlke, or 040 700 1655.