What do MAHs (marketing authorisation holders) have to do?

In order to keep your products on the Finnish market you must sign an agreement with FiMVO. There is more information about the contract procedure here. 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who enters into the agreement?

It is the marketing authorization holders who shall register and enter the agreement. However, representatives, manufacturers and parallel importers can enter the contract on behalf of their MAHs, by listing the MAHs in the contract, in appendix 2.

Read more about the contract procedure here.

How much are the fees?

The fees are based on the FiMVO budget. FiMVO applies the flat-fee/MAH model recommended by EMVO. This means the number of MAHs on the Finnish market will affect the fee per MAH.

Please note that the fee is based on marketing authorisation holders, not marketing authorisations. If a company represents more than one MAH, the fee will be charged according to the number of MAHs.

The current annual fee for 2020 is 4 600 euro/MAH. The fee will be charged annually in January or whenever a new MAH signs up with FiMVO.

The annual fee covers the yearly running costs of FiMVO. This includes the running costs of the Finnish Medicines Verification System (FiMVS), FiMVO’s share of the European Hub costs and FiMVO governance costs.

The setting up has been funded by pharmaceutical industry stakeholders by means of a loan. To be able to pay back these loans, FiMVO will charge a ramp-up fee from all MAHs. The ramp-up fee will cover for the costs of setting up the system in 2016-2018. The first installment of the ramp-up fee was charged in 2019 ( 2 900 euro/MAH). The second installment will be announced in by 11/2020 but it will not exceed the first installment. 

Read more about the costs and invoicing.

If a company will not have serialized packs on the market after February 9th 2019 but still has unserialised packs on the market, will fees be charged?

If the MAH does not have serialised products on the market and does not intend to bring such products on the market, a contract and the resulting fees are not necessary.

If an MAH is represented by multiple companies, who is responsible for the fees?

This depends on how the companies have contracted between themselves. It is sufficient to pay the FiMVO fees only once, but it is the responsibility of the companies to decide who will list the MAH in the Annex 2 of the FiMVO contract.

What should be done if a new MAH enters or leaves the market?

If you already have a valid contract with FiMVO, you should update Appendix 2 to your current MAH list. If you do not have a contract with FiMVO, you should contact FiMVO at katriina.newton-kolehmainen@fimvo.fi for contract information.

How do pharma companies make their products available on the Finnish market?

In addition to the normal regulatory requirement, manufacturers/parallel importers must upload their product data onto the European hub. A prerequisite to this is to enter a contract with the European Medicines Verification Organisation (EMVO). This is called Onboarding, and you are referred to as Onboarding Partners (OBP). Detailed information and an explanatory step by step video can be found on the EMVO website.


A company must also sign-up with FiMVO to be able to have their data in the Finnish Verification System. Read more.

Does the manufacturer / parallel importer enter an agreement with FiMVO?

Generally, no. It is the Marketing Authorisation Holder (MAH) who registers and enters an agreement with FiMVO. However, it can also be the representative of the MAH or the manufacturer who enters the agreement. In this case, the MAHs must be listed in Annex 2 of the agreement.

Can there be two barcodes on a pack?

Yes, you can still include an EAN code on the pack. Please note that the EAN code may not hold contradicting information with the 2D matrix. E.g. the product code (GTIN) must be the same in both data carriers.