We have more Q&As in Finnish only for the End Users, please check them here.

What does an End User need to do?

You need to enter a contract with FiMVO, fill out a user agreement and in case of a pharmacy, send FiMVO a copy of your pharmacy license.

Full instructions can be found here: https://www.laakevarmennus.fi/en/node/91

Who signs the contract?

This is your internal decision as to who has representation rights.

What should a pharmacy do in case of a pharmacy change or end of pharmacy?

When a pharmacy owner leaves their pharmacy, they should send us a notification of termination of the contract. If they take up a new pharmacy, they must fill out the new pharmacy’s End User Contract, the End User Agreement, and send a copy of their pharmacy license.

Full instructions can be found here:


What if the system does not work?

It is fundamental that any problems with the system must not disrupt delivery to the patient. The system has a buffering system, that will collect data if the system is not working. 

If the buffering does not work either, the legislation grants the right to dispense the product if there are no other reasons to suspect a falsification (delegated regulation article 29) .