In order for a pharmacy wholesaler to distribute prescription medicines, it must be connected to the medicine verification system. Use of the medicine verification system requires an agreement with FiMVO. Below you will find instructions for signing an agreement with FiVMO.

The contract is signed electronically. The signer of the contract is the decision of the user, based on the signing rights of the organization. The contract may be signed, for example, by a pharmacist, a hospital pharmacist, or, for example, a representative of a municipal association.

In the case of side pharmacies, all the pharmacies under the main pharmacy must be listed in the contract. There is no need for a separate contract for the side pharmacies.

The contract can be signed through a link in the email.

1. Request a link to sign a contract:

2. Open the link in the email you receive. 

3. Enter the password found at the top of the email.

4. Read the document either through preview or by downloading it.

5. Go to the authentication login (bank credentials or mobile authentication required).

6. Read and complete the 'End User Information' form

7. Fill in your e-mail and personal ID. Fill in the end-user name (both official and informal name for the pharmacy). Fill in the address (in the case of pharmacies use the address of the main pharmacy). Fill in your Business ID. If you have a side pharmacy, fill in the name of the pharmacy. In the case of wholesalers, fill the address of the main office.

8. Sign the contract and confirm that you have filled in the 'End User Information' form (section 5).

9. Fill in the Access Request Form.

10. Send the Access Request Form  back to FiMVO  to Katriina Newton-Kolehmainen ( Pharmacies must also send a copy of their Pharmacy License.

If you have any further questions regarding the contracting procedure, please contact Communications Assistant Katriina Newton-Kolehmainen:  gsm +358 50 598 6857 or browse our contract Q&A :