FiMVO changes system supplier November 18th: changes in the Finnish NMVS alert codes

Solidsoft Reply (SSR) has been chosen as the new system supplier for the Finnish Medicines Verification System. We will implement our national system by SSR both internally in FiMVO and through a new interface for the users of the system (and their IT suppliers) during this year. Please check out our previous announcement here

The cutover to SSR NMVS in the production environment (PROD) will happen during Saturday, November 18th (evening / night). 

Note that the alert codes will change according to SSR NMVS, however, if the end user is still using the temporary SOAP emulator, they will receive the current alert codes. 

FiMVO will update the Alert Handling Guideline also with the new alert codes closer to November 18th. 

If you have any questions about the system supplier change project, we encourage you to send us a message at